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One of the most in-demand treatments at our Beautology Medspa clinic is laser stretch mark reduction. Laser Stretch Mark Reduction is a non-invasive procedure that significantly minimizes the appearance of stretch marks that form on the stomach, thighs, upper arms, buttocks, back and breasts.



What are the Benefits of Laser Stretch Mark Reduction?


  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks in just a few sessions

  • Safe for all skin colors and types

  • Creates new skin, making stretch marks less noticeable with each treatment

  • Reduces Stretch Marks, New and Old

  • Minimal Down Time



How does Laser Stretch Mark Reduction work?


We use Fractional Laser to create microscopic wounds that push the skin to create new tissue and form collagen to create brand new skin tissue. Note that these wounds are not painful at all. After each treatment, you’ll notice that your marks are disappearing slowly but surely. Laser stretch mark removal is highly effective for treating brightly colored marks because it will reduce the red color and help to treat the inflammation that typically surrounds the area.




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